Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Mint tea

I am sure that I have mentioned several times that I am trying to cut back on the amount of tea that I get through in one day.  Well this flippin flu bug has knocked me for six to the point that even drinking a cup of tea makes me feel sick.  I obviously need to keep up my fluid intake but fruit juice is too sickly or bitter... The same glass of juice at different times of the day. I have no idea what is going on with my taste buds. This morning I have made myself a pot of weak mint tea with some fresh mint. I can't in truth say that I am enjoying it but I will persevere until I have drunk the potful.  Then I will try ginger and lemon. I have plenty of fresh ginger. At least I am sleeping quite well... most of the day and all night. 
I cooked a huge chicken yesterday and we had some for tea with steamed veg.... I couldn't manage much of a portion but I thoroughly enjoyed what I ate. There is plenty left for the next few days so we are unlikely to starve  :-) 

Monday, 22 January 2018

Mini Mansions

In the past few years there has been a huge explosion of house building all around where I live.  HUGE mini mansions of houses with very little garden front or back. It seems that the latest thing on everyone's wish list is a house so big that you could fit my home into it twice. Now there is nothing wrong whatsoever with people wanting more room but for heavens sake.  Why on earth does a family of three need a five or six bed roomed house? There are very few jobs in the area and I have no idea who can afford to buy these houses. I feel physically sick when I think about how much it must cost to run one of these mini mansions.  It takes two incomes these days to pay for a fairly modest house and job security is non existent.  I wonder if the people who buy them have stopped to think what will happen if one half of the couple should lose their job. Money... or lack of it, is one of the biggest causes of stress in a relationship. Why can't people live within their means and enjoy a  much simpler lifestyle. Surely to goodness it is far better to have a nice little house that you can afford than a huge house that will break your back. We keep reading that young people can't get on the property ladder.  Well I am going to stick my neck out here and say that there are hundreds of houses well within the reach of most people...  but they are obviously not mini mansions. People need to return to the 'living within your means' mindset.  Only a generation or two ago young couples rented a couple of rooms off a relative for a few years before starting off with a very small house.  They got the first foot on the property ladder and slowly climbed up it.  Nowadays, people want to start at the top of the ladder as anything lower down is deemed beneath them. What is wrong with two or three children sharing a bedroom?

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Everything hurts

I will be really glad when this virus clears off.  Thank goodness I didn't have to go to work today.. I don't think I could have dragged myself there. I have hardly slept all week and although I spent all day on the sofa drifting in and out of sleep today I feel like death. My skin feels tight and dry though I have rubbed coconut oil on it and my hair looks like an exploded haystack............ end of moan

Needless to say I haven't made anything this week but as soon as this darn bug has gone I am going to make a beautiful quilt for my bed.  I have a bit of a yen to put some applique on a couple of blocks and make some pretty cushion covers for the sofa... watch this space.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

I spoke too soon

I started off the morning feeling a bit better. so thought I might be on the mend.  As the day wore on I felt worse and worse. I now feel absolutely dreadful.  An early night is on the cards and hopefully I will be able to shake this flipping bug. I was so glad that tea was all but cooked and all Tony had to do was cook a pan of rice...... following instructions from me because it is clearly a difficult thing to throw some rice into a pan of water and cook it.  Men!  blimmin useless things.
I won't be going to the Ceilidh tomorrow as I think it would finish me off completely.

We have snow

And it is blimmin freezing.  Hopefully the trains will be running this morning as I am off to work in just over an hour. The  hot and spicy chicken and veg broth was a very welcome thing to come home to last night. We each had a very generous portion and there is enough for tea today if I serve it with some rice to fill up the plate. The slow cooker is back on with a good hot meal simmering slowly for tomorrow... Am I dead organised or what?  :-) It will have developed loads of flavour by tomorrow night and will be lovely to come home to. I am tempted to ask one of our local farm shop butchers if I can buy some beef bones for stock making.  They can go in the slow cooker and will make a lovely nourishing basis for meals. Hope you all stay safe and warm today. If you don't need to go out today then don't. Stay home by the fire with a good book or a crafting project and a nice cuppa.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A little better

I think I may have been responsible for global warming these past few days.  I have been so hot and poorly. Hopefully I have turned the corner now as though my throat is very sore I feel a little better.  I think I could ring out my mattress though as I have poured sweat all night.
We had a light dusting of snow through the night and I think more is forecast. Everywhere looks slightly ghostly. I do hope you are all staying safe during this very cold snap and eating good hot nourishing food to build up your immunity. I have put my slow cooker on and hope to have a steaming bowl of proper chicken soup for tea this evening. It smells delicious already.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Last night Tony went to the match and I spent the evening here with my friend. We had a thoroughly good catchup over several cups of tea. Jayne and I haven't done that in ages and it was good to put the world to rights. It is now 03.51 and I have a blinding headache and I'm burning up. I have just had a couple of ibuprofen and am waiting for them to kick in before I go back to bed. Not sure what brought it on but I am invigilating exams this week so may have picked up a bug from one of the students.  I probably should have twigged that something was wrong during the exam when everyone was complaining of being too warm. I was freezing even with a thick jumper and shawlette. When I got off the train my muscles hurt like crazy but I put that down to all the running up and down flights of stairs. Oh well, mustn't grumble as it will hopefully be gone once I have had a good sleep.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The dress photo

Although this isn't a photo of the actual dress that I chose this is how it is supposed to look.  Mine is a blue one and believe me it looks nothing like the photo...   Potato sack springs to mind.  I thought it would be lovely for next years Christmas Ceilidh.......... fun Christmas themed dresses and blouses are the dress code. 

Sewing help please

I ordered a dress from China.... big mistake as the dress looks really naff and cheap.  I think if I line it I could make it look wearable. Can I ask the dressmakers out there whether I should dismantle the whole thing or is there a way to line it without doing that.  The dress is lightweight polyester and the skirt part is quite full but the waistline looks rubbish it is so badly made.

Friday, 12 January 2018


On Wednesday I went out with my friends for our usual girls night out.  Every month we get together and go to one of the local pubs for tea and a good natter.  One of my friends had a code from 'Vouchercloud'. It gave her 40% off the entire bill so we each had a beautifully cooked steak for less than £6 each.  To add to the bargain cost I discovered that my usual blackcurrant and soda only cost 40p in this particular pub.  Many pubs charge £1.60 and it really bugs me that they can ask that much for a soft drink.
I have downloaded the vouchercloud app to my phone and as  I don't finish work until five today we are planning on heading straight to the pub for tea.  Perhaps I ought to check out any other voucher code apps as the savings can be worthwhile. It also means that we can have a meal out now then without breaking the bank.