Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Homeless man

In town today we walked past a homeless man in a sleeping bag on the pavement. We called into a little takeaway bakery and bought him a coffee and a slice of cake.. The lovely cafe owner gave us the coffee free for the chap. When we handed it over a group of young people walked past and said 'What a lovely thing to do.  Just as we turned to walk away some young teenage girls brought him a cup of coffeee and a handful of biscuits.  Do you know what, I was so touched by the action of those young people. With all the bad stuff happening in the world I still see that the world really is filled with kind people? I was really touched by their kindness. Poor bloke will be desperate for the loo by the time he had finished two big cups of coffee but I hope it brightened his day a bit. 

Fragrant, edible or just darn pretty

I have just had a wander out into the garden with my camera.  The colour is really starting to pick up out there now. My kale has all turned to seed now but the flowers are so pretty that I will leave it to die back on its own. The kale flowers make a lovely addition to a stir fry or salad

Lovely fragrant narcissi

The pond needs a bit more colour

The curly Kale has turned to seed but the flowers are edible. Like a very mild raw cabbage

The apple blossom loks so pretty

The fragrance from this viburnum is wonderful

Friday, 28 April 2017

My garden right now

I have just taken this photo of my garden.  The lawn could do with a trim but it looks so lush and green out there. I can't wait for summer when Tony and I will eat out in the garden most evenings.

Thursday, 27 April 2017


Blimmin insomnia is back.  It is now 04:09 and I have already been up for over an hour.  I have had a cup of tea and a browse around the internet but am so wide awake that there is no point in going back to bed. It really bugs me when I can't sleep as there are so many things that I would be able to do if I didn't live in a semi detatched house. I doubt very much that my neighbours would appreciate me vacuuming at this ridiculous hour. Likewise rattling around in my craft room. I guess it is crochet or nothing. I do hope you all get a good night's sleep.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

It's finished

I have had a lovely day playing with paper and glue.  I can now sort all my pretty buttons and trinkets

I have a new project

A couple of days ago I received a lovely package through the post. If anyone is interested in decorating one of their own I ordered two units and the paper packs online from The Works.....  This morning I made a start decorating it.  I am leaving it to dry before I use a sharp scalpel to trim it. I could have used my circle punch to do it but think a scalpel would be more accurate. One of the sets of drawers will house some of my button collection and the other set I want to use to store the little colour blends of wool that I have made for various projects.  I always make a bit more than I need and it would be a shame for it all to end up as one big mud coloured mess if I just bag it. 

I did consider painting the units white before I started putting the paper on but I prefer the grain in the plywood.  I will varnish it all when the paper is dry and has been trimed. As soon as it is finished and decorated with little handles I will post another picture ..... so many crafts, so little time.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Blue Budgie

This is my first attempt at 'wool painting' a budgie.  He needs it a bit of tweaking but is almost finished.

The Scrap Granny Shawl

My yarn destash continues and the other day I saw a gorgeous 'granny' shawl made from scraps of yarn.  No two rows were the same so I have modified the pattern a little bit.  The shawl I saw was made of quite a thick yarn but mine is very fine and will block beautifully.  This is  a work in progress and won't be finished any time soon.  I will show you how it looks today and when it looks significantly larger I will take another photo of it. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Old crafts from my stash

I was asked the other day if I could make some earrings for a lady... she wanted frog ones.  It reminded me of a large necklace that I once made for a 'pond dipping' session that I was leading. Then I got to thinking about an event where we gave away Fairtrade bananas... so I made earrings, necklace and a bracelet.  And while we are talking events.  I used to be in charge of the 'vegetable growing competition' tent at an event in middlesbrough... so I made a brooch and necklace to match. If I can find a picture of my 'slugs and snails' necklace I will post it here.. I have lifted these pictures from my gallery and unfortunately they won't enlarge when you click on them. The hairy arm belongs to my ever patient husband who was happy to model it for me..,.Should I worry about that man. :-)

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Hort Couture montage at Harrogate Spring flower show

I really wish you could see it in the flesh.  You can probably google it.