Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
Welcome to my blog. I hope it inspires you to try something new as I share with you my crafts and a bit of chit chat.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Ceilidh

Last night was ceilidh night.  I had never been to one before but don't mind making a twit of myself.  Our group of friends were all 'up for it' too and a cracking time was had by all.  The band leader talked us all through the dances and we had such a good time that we are now going to be watching out for local ceilidhs.  It was lovely to see people of all ages perfectly happy to give it a go whether they mucked up or not .  Even those who were a little reluctant at first got up and joined in.  The men in our group were great fun and are keen to find another.  I think it could be the start of social night out revolution.
Today Tony is off to the football and I am hoping to get a bit more of Le Crafterie emptied. With a bit of luck I might get it finished this coming week.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A housework kind of day

I have spent so much time prepping for my upcoming schools sessions that the house has gotten a bit neglected so today is a housework kind of day.  I had planned for yesterday to be a HW day until my neighbour rang me at 08.15 and asked if I felt like a walk. She said we could have a sandwich back at hers after the walk. Joan is 83 years old and lost her husband two years ago. I realised  that she was feeling a bit lonely and it really made no difference to me if the housework waited for another day. We set off at 09.40 and got back at 12.15.  The weather was lovely and we had a really nice long walk, chatting as we strolled along. We picked some sloes which I plan to turn into sloe gin for next year and when we got back Joan made me a lovely ham and pickle sandwich. We had a few tomatoes from my hanging baskets and spent another hour just chatting. Joan is coming to the Ceildih tomorrow and even if she doesn't feel like dancing she can chat with Tony and the rest of the gang.
Tonight Tony and I are going to my friend's for tea so I don't need to think about cooking today. I will have a tomato sandwich at lunch time as they are coming thick and fast now. The flavour is superb and I hope they go on fruiting for a good long while. I am still managing to find a little handful of strawberries every day.  They have given me a fabulous crop this year but are ready to be cut back now.  

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The lipstick

I am fed up with buying lipsticks that stay on for about two minutes. Yesterday I thought I would bite the bullet and go and buy and Elizabeth Arden  one in Debenhams.  I took the advice from the pretty young thing selling cosmetics and chose the one that she suggested would suit me. When I got to the counter and discovered that it was costing me £21 I didn't even flinch when I handed over the hard earned cash. I am a bit undecided as to whether it was worth the cost but I think I can have the occasional non craft related splurge.  I did see the same shade on ebay for a fraction of the cost but don't know whether it is a genuine one.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Too much packaging

I have just received this package through the post.  I am sure that the seller could have found a much smaller box. Seeing as how I am now a reformed character and not planning on cutting it up as a resource it means I have to dispose of it.... :-(       There was a huge piece of air filled plastic too? I bet a large envelope would have been plenty big enough

Wait till you see my new craft space

I no longer refer to the spare bedroom as being a bedroom. It is now my craft room that happens to have a bed in it.  Any visitors will need to fit in around my craft stuff .... which they are very welcome to play with. At the moment everything is a bit disorganised but  I am currently prepping for sessions in schools and don't have time to sort each and every drawer and container.  That will fill up my time on cold dark winter days and evenings.  I hope at some point  to be able to get rid of a lot of  the containers as I gradually condense everything.  I have already given away absolutely tons of crafting materials and am no way finished.  The bed is great for laying resources out on as I am able to see at a glance just how many of a particular item I have prepared.  Best bit of all though is I can simply close the door on it all and the mess is hidden away.  Tony came in from work and fell asleep on the bed while I worked.  If I had been out in Le Crafterie he wouldn't have been able to do that.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Seaside towns nearby

I am really lucky to live in an area surrounded by natural beauty. We have some lovely seaside towns practically on our doorstep. Less than thirty minutes away from home is the lovely seaside town of Saltburn.  It is very popular with surfers and watersports fans. The beach is a lovely golden sand and the town itself is renowned for its beautiful floral displays. This is a photo that I took of Huntcliff while walking along the promenade.

Less than twenty minutes away is the seaside town of Redcar...  Little fishing boats line the promenade. A windfarm is situated just off shore and the beach is a long stretch of golden sand.  You can walk all the way along the beach from Redcar to Saltburn

Friday, 16 September 2016

A soggy start

After the gorgeous sunny day that yesterday turned into, today has been a bit of a damp squib.  In fairness though, even though heavy rain was forecast it has been more grey and drizzly than soaking wet here in Nunthorpe.  Twelve of us ignored the gloomy forecast and went for our weekly walk and cuppa. Several ladies in the group are planning to go to the Ceildih next week too.  Look out everyone as I have two left feet.  I am having quite a sociable month and had a lovely meal out with friends last night.It was really good to have our regular catch up and put the world to rights.
Moussaka for tea and not one but two large ones for the freezer.  Apples by the ton to deal with and I think a few fruit crumbles might be going into the freezer this weekend if we can find a good crop of blackberries. It really is a season of mellow fruitfulness and it would be a shame to let it all go to waste.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Last night at WI the speaker gave us a talk on Dowsing.  We all sat through the talk and to be honest we were a little sceptical. Then we all got to have a go.... we were utterly stunned when it worked.  I came home and did a bit of googling and discovered that apparently under scientific observation it doesn't work. I have no idea whether it was a fluke that nearly thirty women managed to get a result but I am now intrigued. Dowsing is associated with using twigs and finding water. Last night we discovered that you can find anything using old coat hangers cut into extended  L shapes or two strips of plastic stuck together in a V form.  I plan to have a little practice and see whether  I can find anything today

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Chilli for breakfast

And very nice it was too.  I cooked it yesterday and had put it aside for today's lunch. I am a great believer in eating what your body tells you to eat so chilli it was.  That does of course mean that it will probably be bran flakes for lunch but I know that I will enjoy them.   The weather today is a complete contrast to yesterday and I am so pleased that it is cooler.  It was so warm yesterday that we didn't go to carvers,  the heat was so draining we just stayed home and watched TV.  I did make a huge swathe through Le Crafterie and am starting to see the end of the great purge.  It felt a little bit sad when I looked around there yesterday and realised that my craft workshop will disappear in the next few weeks.  It really is very wet and rotten around the bottom though so does need to be demolished.  It has also pulled me up sharp and I will no longer be keeping junk to use in projects.  If I get asked to do a session then participants will need to bring along their own supplies. My craft room indoors will be a lovely space where I can get creative without messing up the rest of the house.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Too darn hot and a few whitterings

I don't know what the weather is like where you are but here in Naughty Nunthorpe it is just too darn hot.  We aren't used to these sorts of temperatures here in the North East.  Oh well! never mind, it will soon be winter and I will be too darn cold...  never happy us Brits unless we are grumbling about the weather.
Emptying Le Crafterie continues and I am also emptying my wardrobe.  The cubs are having a table top sale this coming weekend and they are benefiting hugely by my massive chuck out. I am finding things that I didn't even know I had and unfortunately they are too flippin useful to give away.  I can almost guarantee that the minute I do I will need it.  One day, when I decide to retire properly I will just get rid of it all. In the meantime I think it is heading for the loft.
I was a bit of a domestic goddess again this morning.  Gardens are watered, bathrooms cleaned.  downstairs has been vacuumed and tea is cooked for today and tomorrow.  I made a huge batch of bolognese sauce.  Half for tea tonight with pasta and half tomorrow night. I will add a load of hot chilli to it for tomorrow and we can have that with boiled rice. Earlier today I decided to cut the hollyhock down as there were only a few flowers left on it. It must have been about eight feet tall and the space where it was looks really bare now but I am sure that I will soon get used to it. The blue  'Tour de Yorkshire' bike has been collected and that has left another empty space. We did like having it on display but I do rather like the emptiness now. Off to carvers this evening and I am hoping that it is going to be a bit cooler in the school hall.  I have no idea what to carve next but I am sure something will pop into my head.