Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
Welcome to my blog. I hope it inspires you to try something new as I share with you my crafts and a bit of chit chat.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Somewhere safe

I have put my camera 'somewhere safe'. Now I can't for the life of me find the flippin thing.  I haven't yet sussed out how to transfer photo's from my phone to the computer as the cable doesn't seem to work. I am obviously doing something completely wrong but until Alexander comes over I haven't a clue what it is. I assumed that if they were saved to my google drive then I could automatically access them.  In the meantime all I can do is email them to myself from my phone and then save them on my computer.  It takes ages though and in truth I can't be bothered.  This is really a nuisance as I would love to share the pictures that I took today. I have just spent a fantastic afternoon with some of the walking group ladies.  We have formed our own Curry Club and are learning to cook proper Indian food over at my friend Tripta's house.  There were 9 of us today and a great afternoon was had by all. We thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make several Indian dishes and all had a go at making our own Chappatti's.  Roll on  next month when we get to do it all over again.

The Pheasant

I woke up this morning and wandered through to the spare bedroom for a quick drool over the tidy crafting space.... sigh.......  I happened to look out of the window and there strolling around the garden was the most beautiful pheasant. Several years ago we had a regular visit from a pheasant. My son named him Albert and he popped in to see us for a few months.  When he stopped visiting we were rather sad and wondered whether he had been eaten by the fox... or a local poacher. If this one visits through the day I will take a photo and post it here.

I will leave you with this little outdoor art that I made on Redcar Beach the other year. I think it is needed this week.  Stay safe everyone

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Viceroys House

Tony and I went to the cinema yesterday for the first time in absolutely ages.  We used our 'buy one get one free' voucher from Compare the Meerkat. ...It made the cost of going to the cinema very reasonable.
The film we chose to see was The Viceroy's House... it was a good film but was particlarly moving as my friend Tripta was part of the 14 million people that left their homes to make a new life when India was partitioned.  She was only a baby at the time and so doesn't remember any of it, but it broke her heart to think what her own mum went through. Poor Tripta cried throughout the film and it made me stop and consider how I would feel to be forced to leave everything that was dear and familiar to me...... In truth I don't think that anyone who hasn't had to face it could possibly understand it.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Asian cooking

This morning I thoroughly enjoyed the walk with my Monday walking group and then I spent the loveliest couple of hours this afternoon with a smashing group of Pakistani ladies.  They were doing a cookery demonstration and we got to eat the food that they had cooked.  This is the same group of ladies that invited me to their Christmas party and presented me with a lovely gift last year. It was lovely to have a good catch up with them all.

I am now at a bit of a loose end and not sure whether to get some of my wool painting things back out. I really would like to keep the house tidy but have a project simmering away.  My friend loaned me a novel this morning but I know that I won't put it down when I start it.

Yorkshire Petals

My garden is looking absolutely stunning today.  It is full of gorgeous flowering bulbs that I bought on a trip to the dutch bulb fields.... That got me wondering whether there are any UK flower growers so I had a little browse on the internet. I discovered that  Yorkshire Petals is practically on my doorstep... well maybe a couple of hours drive away.  If you are planning a wedding,  why not get in touch with a UK flower grower to see if they can supply the flowers. Little vases filled with fragrant British grown flowers would make wonderful wedding favours don't you think?
 I have lifted this picture straight from their website so that you will recognise it.  Here is a link..... now go and support them and let's start purchasing more home grown goods... How can we provide our children and grandchildren with a secure future if we aren't prepared to support our home grown farmers and growers?


Yorkshire Petals


A small independent grower and florist of gloriously scented British cut flowers.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

HOW MUCH???????

Last night Tony and I fancied fish and chips from our local chippy. Tony was duly despatched to collect them while I made a pot of tea and buttered the bread.  When he came back we tucked in and thoroughly enjoyed them.  I really wish to heck that they wouldn't pile so many chips into the portion though. I find it really off putting and only ever eat half.  The grand cost of this simple treat......£12....  I won't be buying any more from there. That is nearly one third of the usual cost my weekly grocery spend.  We are supposed to be living frugally in order for Tony to be able to retire......I shall have to pull the belt in even tighter...

Saturday, 18 March 2017

These made me smile

I just found this photo on Pinterest and I really have got to make some.... in fact I would be doing it right now if my clay was still upstairs in my craft room.  I would smile every time I looked at them

Visit us: http://greatgardenplace.com #Garden:

The shawl is growing nicely

The other day I mentioned that I had started to crochet another shawl. I am trying to keep the house tidy while it is up for sale and this is the least messy thing I can create. The pattern is one that I have used many times before with both acrylic and cotton yarns.  I am using an acrylic yarn for this one and although it is very fine and is a bit fiddly the pattern is really easy to follow.  Here is the link to the pattern on Ravelry if anyone is interested.  It is a free pattern......http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shell-and-lace-shawl

Friday, 17 March 2017

Anona's bargain washing powder substitute

My friend Anona and I love a good bargain. We are always looking for new ways to trim a few coppers off the household budget so here is her recipe for a washing powder substitute.

3tbs borax substitute....... not nasty borax
2tbs washing up liquid
3 tbs washing soda
4 cups hot water

Put everything into a gallon container and shake well. Top up to one gallon with water.... use half a cupful for each load. I haven't tried it yet but i intend to.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Tony and I popped into Tesco for a quick top up shop today. While I was buying a rainbow trout for tea I noticed Sprats for sale. I have never tried them before so I thought I would  buy four. I didn't want to buy more just in case I am not keen.  The grand vast cost of four Sprats..... 15p........ hardly broke the bank now has it. Now I am going to have a look on tinternet to see how best to cook them...... It did make me stop and think about how much a life is worth though.

Update on the sprats.... Mine were considerably larger than some that I saw on Tinternet.  I couldn't bring myself to eat them while they watched me so I cut the heads and tails off. Then I slit them along the belly and washed out any nasty bits. I drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled black pepper and a bit of fresh lemon zest over them.. a couple of minutes under the grill and they were done...... verdict.... A bit like sardines... and I am not overly keen on sardines. Oh well, at least I can say that I have tried them.  I might buy a few more and try them deep fried before I give up on them.