Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
Welcome to my blog. I hope it inspires you to try something new as I share with you my crafts and a bit of chit chat.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My halo is shining

I have just been out for my monthly meal with friends and turned down dessert...... you read that correctly. I declined dessert.  It is included in the huge cost of the meal....... £4.50 :-) My four friends all had dessert and d'ya know what?  I didn't even miss it. Tomorrow is my Friday walking group and I won't be having a scone then either....   I am determined to lose at least a half stone by Christmas... Hopefully I wll lose more but I am not being too ambitious.  Tony and I have decided that we will stick to a calorie controlled diet and will give up alcohol for a month in order to kickstart the weightloss.   Tony has more willpower than me.

Scone o clock in the morning

We have been out for our walk in Fairy Dell today followed by a wander around a few shops at the Parkway Centre.  Didn't buy very much and then we headed home to eat the giant scones that I bought at The Brickyard Bakery in Guisborough yesterday.    And very nice they were too.  Mine was a fruit one and Tony chose a cheese one. Only trouble is they are huge... ermmmm, were huge,  they have been devoured .  We don't need any lunch after eating them. A bit of the dreaded HW is on the cards for me while Tony has a snooze. The weather is a bit grim so I can't see us doing a great deal this afternoon.  We might just have to settle down and read a book.... It is such a hard life we lead  :-)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Look what I bought today

Or should I say look what Tony bought for me today. We were browsing the charity shops in Guisbrough when he spotted this tiny little miniature china tea set.  It really looks pretty on my book case.

A little splurge

Tony is off work at the moment feeling a bit under the weather.  I think though that I may be killing him with kindness and exercise.   Each morning we go for a nice hour long walk and then back home for a bit of a snooze.... he needs a rest poor old soul....This morning we walked a good way through Pinchinthorpe woods and then I treated him to a giant scone and a pot of tea in Guisbrough. I have never noticed the town before as when we go there we are straight in and out.  This morning we took the time to have a bit of a wander around the town.  It is full of lovely shops and if ever you are over that way please call into the 'brickyard bakery'.  We had a giant scone each and a pot of tea for two... the cost....  £4.70.   The scones were the size of saucers.  Then we popped into the bakery next door and bought another scone each to enjoy after our walk tomorrow. At fifty pence each it hardly broke the bank. A quick browse around some charity shops and then we headed home with our bargains.... I think I am ready for a snooze now


I don't know whether I have mentioned before but I detest halloween.  In fact I really don't like unpleasant things or people full stop. Life is far too short to surround myself with nastiness.  But one of the things that irritate me about halloweeen is the waste of a perfectly good pumpkin.  I wouldn't mind if people actually ate the darn thng but to cut great big lumps out of it and thow it away?????? Well need I say more.
Several years ago..... In fact more than several.... I decided that I would organise a lantern making event, followed by a lantern walk, as an alternative to Halloween.  Kids came along with their parents and made beautiful lanterns from willow and tissue paper..  That evening they came back and we went for a walk in the dark in my beloved Fairy Dell. I had expected a poor response but was amazed to fill the room with families making lanterns. That evening around 150  people came along for the lantern walk.  My boss had given me permission to buy hundreds of glow sticks.  It was magical to see a long snake of people bedecked with glow sticks and carrying lanterns wending their way through Fairydell. We ended the walk back at our local community centre and enjoyed hotdogs and soup.
This year I plan to celebrate Diwali.  My friend Tripta has given me a carrier bag full of 'diya' These are tiny clay pots which hold a bit of candlewax with a wick.  I plan to light up my porch and conservatory this year.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

You have to read this blog post

If you don't already follow Ilona's blog then please go and read this post...

It is probably the most common sense post that you will read EVER.   Sit down with your kids and teach them how to run a home.   teach them about finance and teach them to appreciate the little things in life. 

The weather can't make its mind up

When I got up this morning it was damp, miserable and grey.  Then the sun came out and it was beautiful. Tony and I nipped into town and it was so warm that I left my coat in the car.  Then we drove over to Pinchinthorpe woods in Guisborough.  I put my coat on and boy oh boy was I glad that I did as it was perishing.  The walk along the old railway line soon blew the cobwebs away. We are settling down for an afternoon snooze now and then this evening we are off out to carvers.  Tony hasn't felt much like carving recently but the lovely folk at the club are great for a blether with. I just get on with my carving and leave him to talk. I thought I would share a couple of photos of Middlesbrough Town Hall today.  The only press Middlesbrough ever seems to get is bad press.  They usually film all the grotty run down areas and even grottier foul mouthed people. Annoyingly they never seem to want to portray the genuinely lovely place that Middlesbrough really is.  I suppose that wouldn't sell newspapers though would it?



Sunday, 16 October 2016

Beautiful Auckland Castle

I did promise some photos of the castle today.   Please go and visit if you are ever in the area as it is utterly stunning.  The weather turned really nasty for a while today but when the sun came out the castle grounds looked beautiful

Another day at Auckland Castle

Tony and I are heading out soon but I will take some photos of this beautiful castle and share them when we get home this evening.  The weather forecast isn't promising but we are in a big marquee so it won't bother us at all.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Auckland Castle heritage event

Tony and I have had a lovely day at Auckland Castle today.    We didn't even know that there was a castle there but oh! what a stunning place it is.

http://www.aucklandcastle.org        /

Coniscliffe carving Club had been invited to attend and you all know by now that we are carvers.  I was absolutely delighted to be asked several times if my carvings are for sale.... They aren't, but it did my ego the world of good... :-) We will be back there tomorrow so if you are anywhere near please pop along and say hello. The hot chocolate served there is gorgeous.... really hot and chocolatey